Legal Notice

International Jewellery Stars Awards

The IJS awards is a non-profit collaboration between members of the jewellery industry and is not an independent legal entity.

Its organizers sponsor time and resources to the competition out of goodwill, but accept no liability for the actions of individuals representing, or claiming to represent the International Jewellery Stars Awards. Judging decisions are made by an independent panel of judges. Decisions related to qualification and awards are entirely at the discretion of this judging panel and are not subject to any form of appeal.

Nobody from the IJS awards will, at any time, require payment in cash or kind for participation in the competition and the only financial activities the IJS organizers are authorized to transact involve the collection of award sponsorships and the disbursement of award prizes. All costs associated with running the IJS Awards are borne by the organizers, for which they receive no compensation.

Legal queries (excepting any and all requests for reconsideration of appeal of judging decisions) may be directed to