Submission Received

Thank you for your submission.

As part of the judging process, your submission will be reviewed at the close of the competition and you will be notified of the status of your submission by the 14th June after the judges have made their preliminary round decisions.

If your design is selected for the final stage of the competition, a member from the IJS Awards may contact you to request further information regarding your person or your design.

If your design is selected as a winner, IJS Awards representatives will communicate with you to arrange for shipment or manufacture of your work for the awards ceremony.

Please note that the IJS Awards panel reserve the right to disqualify submissions that are found not to meet the competition requirements stated on the IJS Awards website. Further, the panel may, at their discretion, re-classify your design should they feel you selected the competition category in error. The same design may only be submitted to a single category, entrants trying to submit their designs repeatedly in all categories will be disqualified.

We thank you for your effort to produce a unique creative work for our competition and look forward to sharing your work with our judging panel and, after the close of the competition, with the world at large. We wish you well for the next stage in the competition and will be in touch again soon.

With best regards,

International Jewellery Stars Awards

Competition Administration Team

Please contact via official email channels only: 





The IJSA will NOT respond to competition inquiries via facebook, instagram, twitter or social media channels.

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